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The Need for Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is a good source of mental health and good well –being and the need for self- esteem is as important as the need for mental development as the body craves for food.

It has been observed that individuals with good self –esteem are more assertive, relaxed and at peace with themselves, who live balanced lives and always crave for self- improvement.

These people are usually independent thinkers and their outlook, oftentimes, positively create an impact on other people surrounding them. Here are some common tips in maintaining a high self –esteem.

Optimism is very important, since it creates the atmosphere of positive state. In case things do not work out the way it should be, stop for a minute and think about how to make the most out of the situation.

Know how to differentiate between your strengths and your weaknesses. Having a good self- esteem does not mean not being helpless at times and needing help from others. Sometimes, we need all the encouragement that we can get especially in moments of weakness when we feel down and blue. After all, nobody’s perfect.

Know your fears and conquer them. Knowing how to confront your fears will help you overcome adversities and will make you more confident about yourself.

Assertiveness is also important in developing self-esteem, especially when faced with situations where it is necessary to say no. Not every situation in life merits a yes, and sometimes when faced with situations that call for one to say no, it is important to stress the point and drive your message home and be proud of that decision.

Take good care of your mind and body. Many self –gratifying measures deal with efforts to take good care of not just mental health, but also of physical development and attractiveness.

Self–esteem can also result from self –satisfaction and confidence. Set expectations with yourself, especially by setting goals and ambitions, which are good motivators that can drive a person to aim for success.

Compliment yourself and always willingly accept it from others. This is one way of telling yourself that you have done the right thing and that you have done good.

Do not eat too much or watch the news or violent movies before going to sleep. Always make it a point to sleep well, that way, you start the day right and refreshed as you carry yourself.

Having fun is as much as keeping and maintaining a balanced mood all throughout the day. This will keep an individual maintain a positive outlook and, ultimately, be also a good motivator to aim for success and development.

It can also help strengthen the immune system.

Make it a point to always release pent-up negative emotions, since keeping them inside may result to repressed emotions that could affect a person’s day to day mental demeanor. As much has possible, never try to be a perfectionist, especially in dealing with other people or even with the way affairs are being conducted.

After all, nothing is practically perfect in the world and sometimes, the sense of thinking that something could be flawed can turn out to be frustrating especially for perfectionists.

Lastly, surround yourself with supportive and positive people, and try to let go of people that you believe can pull you down or make you lose your identity as a person or an individual.

Understanding the need for self –esteem is important, especially if you want to know how to understand what it means to be a person.


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